Price Of Mario Kart Tour's Paid Subscription Is More Than Switch Online

Matching the price of Apple Arcade.

Nintendo’s newest free-to-start mobile game – Mario Kart Tour has begun rolling out on both Android and iOS. With that roll out, it has become clear that the Gold Pass, one of its approaches to paid content is a subscription service that costs $4.99 / £4.99 a month (Australian pricing not available yet)

For racing in the game’s tours, the ability to earn badges for playing certain challenges, and access to the game’s 200cc mode, that subscription nets you a series of higher-level rewards (including racers, karts, and rubies, an in-game currency). If you buy it, the paid service will automatically kick in after a two-week free trial.

Familiar from other Nintendo mobile games, that subscription sits alongside the gacha-style microtransactions. To get randomised rewards, you can buy rubies to fire a warp pipe.

Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass

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When compared to other subscription services, it’s a slightly measly offering. Switch’s entire online service (which offers NES and SNES games as part of the cost) is a dollar / pound less than this and with dozens of games, Apple Arcade is also available at the same price.

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